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About LCF

The Lincoln Crowne Foundation (LCF) supports charities working to improve the lives of underprivileged children across Australia and the developing Asian and Pacific Island nations. LCF has no political or religious agenda; its energies are spent on supporting charitable organisations in emerging nations and economies.

LCF understands fully the global imperative to invest in the futures of children in the regions of education, health care, and human rights, now more than ever. LCF aims to strengthen grass roots organisations and charities by assisting financially, ethically and on a partnership basis in the outstanding work they do.

LCF is an avenue for the boutique investment bank Lincoln Crowne & Company (LCC) to give back. Established by LCC’s founder, Nicholas Assef, we are focused on the philanthropic and charitable aim of giving assistance to a number of communities and nations in which LCC operates, or strives to operate. This is the basis for Nicholas’ philosophical approach to life and business, and LCC strives to incorporate this into all aspects of its work.

While the achievement of universal education by 2015 is one of the key Millennium Development goals, decades after commitments to this were made some 68 million primary school age children are still denied this right. The world can not ignore this statistic. Neither can we.